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Personality Types

Turned into compelling, timeless, and purposeful brands.

Personality Types

Turned into compelling, timeless, and purposeful brands.
you might catch yourself often asking this...

What does it take to stand out?

The answer you get from everyone is…
Be yourself, no one else can be like you”
Easier said than done, right?

How do they do it so effortlessly?
Sometimes you’d lose yourself in the process when observing others

You’d find yourself creating content that feels forced, cringy, or requires too much effort

You’re holding yourself back from showing your true personality because you’re afraid you won’t be accepted

Your unique personality is one of the biggest factors why a client chooses to work with you 

The process of them choosing to work with you does not begin during the discovery calls

It starts from how you deliver yourself — in the form of content.

You and your competitors offer the same services, but no one else serves it the way you do

i get it...

You want an attractive brand

So you sometimes unconsciously copy what others are doing — their way of talking, writing, tone of voice, messaging, and even their design style…

But that only convinced them to find the original, and work with them

I get it… I did that too… I too, denied my true self

But now, I know myself better.
From the surface, to the deepest core of my being

I know now what’s either simply “challenging” or already “forceful.”

I now have full awareness, acceptance and confidence in my own skin
and I reflect this into my brand

So when a prospective client approaches me, she’ll see me as who I am and my true intentions

And if the prospect doesn’t want me,

It only means we’re not meant to be. She’s meant for someone else, and that’s okay.

Full Acceptance. Full Detachment.

If you also want that for yourself, then I’ll take you into the same journey

No more lying to yourself, it’s just you in a brand already crafted by God since day zeroyourself

Stellar service packages built for you:

Everything you need to know:

It is a uniquely formed structure to build a brand that I created which infuses Carl Jung’s theory of Personality Types and Cognitive Functions.

As a service-based entrepreneur, your business is closely knitted to your personal brand. The more relatable you are, the more your ideal clients are drawn into you. The more authentic you are, the deeper their trust.

Does that ring a bell? It’s the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST factor.

“People don’t buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin

Have you ever heard of saying, “birds of the same feather, flock together”?

They’re attracted to you not because of your services, but because of YOU. In a pool service-providers, they CHOOSE you because no one else can do your service the way you do.

And this is why infusing your personality type into your brand to activate authenticity and cohesiveness in your brand voice, message, strategy, and visuals all together to attract the CLIENTS who match your vibe.

Because your VIBE matches your TRIBE.
Absolutely! We have the Web Design Intensive package specifically for you. If you are a entrepreneur who already has a solidified branding, and only need a website with a quick turn-around.
The base deliverables of the packages does not include copywriting assistance. However, we still have an included Web Content Strategy session where we will tackle every vital part of your business to make sure that what you want to include in your website is reflected and aligned with what your target audience wants to see.

But if you are willing to invest on a copywriter, we can customize it into the package with some of my copywriting agency partners.
You may do so by filling up the Inquiry Form in the Work With Us page, and then choose a schedule for our Discovery Call.

I encourage you to fill up the form prior to our call so that I may be able to learn more about you earlier and assist you better with your business’ needs.

You may do so with under following conditions:

  • The package that you wish to switch must be an upgrade or a package bigger than your previously chosen one
  • The contract must not yet be signed. Once the contract is signed and the initial invoice is paid, there’s no turning back

Given the conditions above are met, you may switch to a different package option.

My main expertise is in WordPress website building. If you wish to have a website with no limits of customizing capabilities, WordPress is the platform for you.

I also offer monthly maintenance plans to keep your website optimized, secured, and need extra minimal tweaks from time to time.

If you wish to have your website build on Squarespace or Showit, I may offer this as a beta service and at a discounted price.
Definitely! One of the platforms that I work with is Kajabi. It has the capability to host your courses and create membership plans for your students/mentees. To discuss more about this, head to the Work With Us page and book a discovery call.
I recommend you to send an inquiry form and book an appointment at least 2 weeks prior to the start date, so I may properly schedule everything for you.
Lifte Space Co. has a dedicated CRM/Project Collaboration software where you will be provided your own Client Portal, have overview of the progress of the project per milestone, provide feedback, and communicate through the live chat box available. I will be online and mostly responsive to the hours that we have set when we’re going to communicate.
There is a 50% downpayment of the overall investment prior to starting the project and to reserve your spot on the desired start date of the project. However, I am confident of the quality and the top-notch experience I provide for my clients. I ensure that they are constantly heard, the same thing will be for you.
Good question! All of these packages are bespoke but fret not. We are aware that not all businesses have the exact needs. Therefore, we offer completely customized services that are tailored to your needs. We’ll gladly discuss your business goals, redefine your problems, and curate solutions with actionable steps. When you’re ready, you may proceed to filling up our inquiry form, and then we’ll discuss about it in the discovery call.

Hear it from my previous clients

Working with Lovella is nothing short of stellar!

Her passion for her business is contagious and it is of great pleasure to work with Lovella as her knowledge of her craft is really spot on! She’s organized, thorough, and very understanding of your needs as a client. I say this from experience because she’s helped me get my business website off the ground and running smoothly and effectively.

She also has the ability to take a project, break it down into manageable steps and keep you on track throughout the entire process. She’s also very responsive… which is something I really appreciate so much!

She’s also the type of person that can help you find the right solution to your problems – initiative and has a really good generous bank of ideas for your business. She’s very detail-oriented and business savvy. You can trust her to get tasks done correctly and on time. If you are looking for a website wizard, I highly recommend Lovella! She’s a bomb!



Hello Graciela Creatives

Hi, Lovella! Just read the brand strategy that you sent, and it blew my mind…again! 🤯 I was speechless for about 5 minutes in front of my computer. I needed a moment to take it all in because it is so enlightening and so jam-packed! Dang! Thank you so much for helping me bridge the gap in my brand and for not overwhelming me.

I am confident that I could finally step out of this imposter syndrome loop this time. Your work is so sublime, so wonderful and I really hope you can help more entrepreneurs.



Bespoke Digistudio

I’m so glad that I reach out to you! Thanks for being such a great mentor and friend Lovella. I really enjoyed working with you and learned so much from you. You are knowledgeable, patient, and very responsive to questions. Your mentorship has been valuable to me, and I see a real improvement in my web design techniques. I highly recommend you for any type of web design and development work.



Cilla Creatives

Lovella is a clairvoyant in a professional manner. Every idea I have in mind has been brought out by her work which is awesome!

The graphics used are minimal which is pleasant to my eyes. Even the fonts used looked organized. The content of the brand guidelines is balanced and also worth reading.

I am very grateful for her as she has fulfilled by branding needs for my business. I highly recommend Lovella! It is definitely one of the best! Cheers to more future endeavors, Love!



GinDiz Corporation, Longest Life

Always be yourself
Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. ─ Bruce Lee