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The Ultimate Brand for You: Personality-Driven Branding

Brand Personality Development + Strategy + Messaging + Visual Identity

This is for you if:
  • You want a solid foundation for your brand messaging, tone, and voice
  • You want to identify your target audience with in-depth research and analysis, and establish genuine connection
  • You need to know where you stand in your market among your competitors and come out with a solid strategy
  • You want a brand that enables you to formulate a marketing strategy that feels authentic to you
  • Effortlessly attract clients who match your vibe — Your vibe attracts your tribe
  • Enables you to create content effortlessly without having to think twice about the right message and tone
Strategy Calls Inclusion:
  • 60 min. Personality Discovery Call
  • 90 min. Brand Strategy Call
  • 30 min. Personality Type and Archetype Reveal (Recorded or Live of your choice)
The benefits you’ll be bringing home from this package:
  • Brand Core (Mission, Vision, and Purpose)
  • Tagline Options, Key Messaging, Primary Value Propositions
  • Brand Voice and Tone Development
  • Competitor Analysis, Ideal Client Research, Customer Personas, and Buyer Journey
  • Personality-driven Visual Identity Suite
    • Mood board
    • Colour Palette
    • Font Suite
    • Logo Suite (x3 logo variations)
    • Brand Patterns & Brandmarks
    • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines
  • With the additional option (1 of your choice):
  • Lead Magnet Ideation and Creation
  • 30 min. follow-up or post-project call
  • x3 Social Media Post Ideation and Creation

    * As an advocate of personal development through MBTI Personality Types and Cognitive Functions, you will be included in a special newsletter exclusive for existing clients where I will be providing you with future updates and content regarding your type.
The results you can get out of this:
  • Consistency in your messaging and tone of voice in all mediums of content creation
  • Your life purpose aligned with your business value and Unique Selling Proposition
  • A compelling visual identity guideline consistently aligned with your tone, voice, and personality
  • Bonus increase in personal development
  • Marketing has never felt more authentic to you with the right messaging
  • Solid confidence in your chosen target audience
  • Clients coming in aligned with your vibe
  • Clarity and ultimate game plan on how to stand out in a saturated market
Investment starts at $1111 Soft Launch Price: $777 (only until 2022)

If you are are viewing this as of December 2022, you’re one of the first few people to have access of the brand new services.

Once the midnight clock hits on December 31 and January 1, 2023 comes, the price will be back to $1111. That’s $334 worth of savings and it will keep on increasing as the value increases with my current clients’ results to ~ $2121 by Q2

Book for a slot in Q1. January is booked, there are only 2 spots left!