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you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A leader and beginner of tradition.

You are a

Leader of Virtues!

You live life doing the right thing.

you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A leader and beginner of tradition. You are a Leader of Virtues! You live life doing the right thing.


You live life doing the right thing, and you understand what doing the right thing is better than anyone else.

Despite being a leader of virtue and having a deep understanding of moral standards, you are also rational. You deeply focus on beliefs and value systems.

This is the primary way how you live life and even run your business.

The Leaders of Virtue are often given the power to make the rules, and the law, because of their conviction of always doing the right thing and establishing the moral standards for society.

With your virtue, you are able to consume the truth and use it to build a community with a strong bond and connection.

You are a leader and a beginner of a tradition.

In your top four (4) cognitive preferences, your way of perceiving the world is through Introverted Sensing and Extroverted Intuition..

This could mean that the productivity style that fit you best is through focusing on tiny time increments.

Your introverted perceiving function is very time-based; therefore, you cannot focus on a huge stretch of time. Rather, you have you to do a lot more of conscious planning.

What we mean by looking at small time increments is when you do some planning for a certain goal that you want to achieve, you break down your tasks into small pieces – and then you work on those tiny tasks every single day.

Enter James Clear’s Atomic Habits. For you, this is a must-read, highly recommended.

You are all about focusing on the day and then determining where or what you want in life.

If you have certain goals, such as becoming healthier, you plan your day bit by bit on the things that are significant to your process.

Some good examples are:

• Dedicating half an hour to a work-out routine

• Scheduling 8 AM in the morning up to 12 Noon working for your business

Although it doesn’t always mean having to devote a fixed amount of time to every task consistently, the idea is to just see the processes day by day and trust that this process will work out and lead you to where you want to be.

Think about what you want in the future, break it down into tiny actionable steps, and then trust that it will happen.

The checklist approach is highly valuable to your productivity.

Your thinking process is objective and external, making you good at following instructions and creating efficiency on an already pre-existing system or logical framework.

Your type is one of the reasons why automation exists – to make things easier, but tweaking an already existing and effective logic, only making it better than it was.

You don’t mind following a pre-established way of doing things or processes and then improving things from there.

A good example is when you’re trying to learn Photoshop, you find ways to be effective and quickly achieve the desired result as soon as possible.

You don’t mind taking only a certain part of the entirety from an external logic, framework, process, or information and making use of it to get a rapid result.

You are simply focused on simply performing a specific task and end with the desired output.

This could also mean that you are a fast learner when given enough information straight up.

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I'm Lovella

I help introvert entrepreneurs turn their personality type into a compelling brand to build a business driven by their unique, authentic identity and to attract clients that match their vibe.

I know why you’re here. You’re tired of “experimenting,” doing multiple “trial and error” with your brand.

You can’t seem to grasp the perfect message and voice that fits you. Heck, even the phrase “niche down” is giving you a nightmare and analysis paralysis.

I hear you. Improvement of self-awareness and self-esteem is not silly.

Confidence is the key, and you can only be confident if you are one with your true, authentic self – all rooted in your cognitive identity.


The journey to self-awareness is a process...

If you’re ready to learn more, you may check your inbox and you’ll see there where you’ll need to confirm your subscription.

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02. The 4 Main Personality Types

have an in-depth knowledge of your specific personality type, know each of their Brand Cores and best-suited Brand Archetypes

03. Learn ways you can leverage your inner strengths

discover how to network with people based on your personality type

04. Tips on crafting your unique brand message

this is your road for your authenticity to shine on your brand and business, and a dead-end to multiple rebranding!

05. Of course, it doesn't end here

this is a secret between us two… I’ll hand out tips that aren’t available on external sources – socials, websites, etc. Scoot closer and be the first ones to know



Order Inspector

Introvert • Sensing • Thinking • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ hyperaware of the most minor details
• Parent - Extroverted Thinking (Te)
→ gives high significance to facts and figures
• Child - Introverted Feeling (Fi)
→ values included justice, a sense of what's fair and not fair
• Anima - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ needing to finish things right away


Ultimate Strength: Knowing everything based on their strong memory and experience
Ultimate Weakness: Extremely being risk-averse to things they haven't personally experienced


The personality behind a Order Inspector is defined by their strong sense of morality and duty. They like to plan and implement rules that allow teams and organizations to operate with clear logic and order. They give great value to the rules and the need for reality to correspond with how things should be.


Mission, Transformative Vision, Arc of Justice, High Standards, Quality & Perfection, Organized, Consistent, Focused, Honest, Idealistic, Moral, Rules and Order


Pragmatic Executive

Extrovert • Sensing • Thinking • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Thinking (Te)
→ assured of what exactly they need to succeed
• Parent - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ pragmatic, desire to keep the topic in the realistic sense
• Child - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ transforming the information they gather into new ideas
• Anima - Introverted Feeling (Fi)
→ stands firm in their own values


Ultimate Strength: Organization, Delegation, Bringing in results as quick as possible
Ultimate Weakness: Difficulty talking about how they feel or about the situation they're in


The personality behind the Pragmatic Executive is practical and realistic—facts first. Determined and quick to implement decisions, they organize projects and people to achieve results. They focus on reaching goals as
efficiently as possible and take care of the details of the routines. They seek to have a clear system of logical standards, follow them systematically, and look for others to follow. They put a lot of energy into implementing their plans.


Raw Intuitive Power, Magnetic Intensity, Energetic, Decisive, Champions of the Marginalized, Challenging, Unvarnished Truth, Clear & Direct, Influence, Strength


Idealist Mediator

Introvert • Intuitive • Feeling • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Feeling (Fi)
→ resonating with others' experiences
• Parent - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ interpretation of external abstract symbolisms
• Child - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ considers data and information within the range of interest
• Anima - Extroverted Thinking (Te)
→ inability to do logical tasks against their own values


Ultimate Strength: Self-expression, Strong personal opinions
Ultimate Weakness: Distrust due to false information


The personality behind the Idealist Mediator is very concerned about helping others from their position as reserved people. They are often quiet, curious, patient, and open-minded. They often wonder what causes people to behave the way they do. What are their motives? What drives them to make their choices? In addition, they show an aesthetic and artistic sensibility that makes them creative.


Originality, Authenticity, Empathy, Creativity, Deep, Coy, Emotionally Honest. Connected, Equanimity, Idealistic, Inspiring, Intuition, Compassionate


Divergent Campaigner

Extrovert • Intuitive • Feeling • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ brain-filled with multiple ideas and possibilities
• Parent - Introverted Feeling (Fi)
→ sticking to their own beliefs is significant to them
• Child - Extroverted Thinking (Te)
→ finds satisfaction in getting things done despite the urge to multitask
• Anima - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ struggle remembering short term memories such as placement of things


Ultimate Strength: Ability to brainstorm in the heat of the moment
Ultimate Weakness: Converging ideas and settling into one


The personality behind the Divergent Campaigner has one of the most remarkable propensities to creative thinking, the arts, and sociability. They are happy, enjoy interaction with other people, act with their position as part of an "all" formed by humanity, and do not show individualism. They usually get involved in collective tasks to help others, thinking about the social impact of their actions. However, they are easily distracted and often postpone tasks that they consider dull or too simple and routine.


Compassionate, Empathetic, Supportive, Caring, Friendly, Kind, Lively, Artistic Visionary, Energetic, Possibility, Adventure, Capable, FOMO, Positivity, Imaginative, Creativity, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Wonder

Why are these four in the same category?

Because all of these four types have a similar list of top four (4) cognitive functions, but stacked / ordered differently.

How will I know which is my personality type?

Depending on your cognitive preferences, each of these functions play a different and important role in the way you interact with the world.

This, you will know more about in our weekly newsletter, and discover more about these four functions and then eventually find out your personality type and how it’s going to help you leverage the power of in-depth self-awareness, manifesting it into an authentic and compelling brand that your target market cannot resist.

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