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you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A person built with strong endurance.

You are a

Champion of Justice!


knowledge & perseverance.

you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A person built with strong endurance. You are a Champion of Justice! purpose: knowledge & perseverance.


Your purpose in life is to have knowledge, endurance, and perseverance.

Your life principle is about seeking justice and fairness – this is what you pursue the most. Your prime belief is that life must be fair and just for everyone.

Not only are you firm with justice, but you’re the type who has the capability to have long-lasting endurance no matter how tough life throws at you.

When life hits you hard, you grit teeth, and aim for survival.

You may have this certain belief that if there’s no adversity happening in your life, then something must be wrong.

You’re always waiting for the next possible catastrophe that might happen – but this is also the reason why you’re able to endure so much, all due to your preparation and being built of strong faith.

You can also become quite systematic and committed to do the best way of doing a certain system.

All these do not only define who you are as a person, but how you handle your business.

You are built with strong grit, endurance, and perseverance. Despite all the hurdles that come your way, you always have the faith to endure and find a way to survive.

The systematic approach that you use and continuously improve in your business is also a huge part that makes you thrive.

In your top four (4) cognitive preferences, your way of perceiving the world is through Introverted Sensing and Extroverted Intuition..

This could mean that the productivity style that fit you best is through focusing on tiny time increments.

Your introverted perceiving function is very time-based; therefore, you cannot focus on a huge stretch of time. Rather, you have you to do a lot more of conscious planning.

What we mean by looking at small time increments is when you do some planning for a certain goal that you want to achieve, you break down your tasks into small pieces – and then you work on those tiny tasks every single day.

Enter, James Clear’s Atomic Habits. For you, this is a must-read, highly recommended.

You are all about focusing on the day and then determining where or what you want in life.

If you have certain goals, such as becoming healthier, you plan your day bit by bit on the things that are significant to your process.

Some good examples are:

• Dedicating half an hour to a work-out routine

• Scheduling 8 AM in the morning up to 12 Noon working for your business

Al though it doesn’t always mean having to constantly devote a fixed amount to every task, the idea is to just see the processes day by day and trust that this process will work out and lead you to where you want to be.

Think about what you want in the future, break it down into tiny actionable steps, and then trust that it will happen.

The checklist approach is highly valuable to your productivity.

Your thinking process is very subjective, and that could mean that you don’t exactly like being told solid instructions to figure out a certain thing. You always want to figure it out in your own way.

You might research a lot and then come into your own understanding a way that you have your own interpretation of the logical way to do a certain task, process, or learning.

A good example of this is when you’re learning Adobe Photoshop…

Photoshop has a series of steps or instructions to follow to achieve an output, such as adding strokes to a text or object.

Rather than blindly following instructions, you would most likely prefer to figure out how to do it yourself and then understand why each of these processes is relevant to achieving a certain output.

Blindly following instructions is frustrating to you and could even cause you to feel like an impostor. Despite achieving the output, you will never be fully satisfied unless you understand the entirety of it.

It might take a while for you to figure it out, but it’s basically learning from the ground up.

You are rather creative in creating a logical system from the ground up, and you want to choose a way to do it with a deeper understanding.

You would sometimes feel frustrated and have a hard time following steps without understanding why or how you come into having such an output; you always need more information, details, and answers to “what happens if I do this instead?”

You tend to be slow, but people your type are the pioneers and create a foundation of a logical framework that is created in this world – such as creations by Albert Einstein.

It is all about knowing and understanding how it works together and then finding the patterns.

Once you’ve figured out how holistically everything works, you can then figure out any future issues and create better shortcuts or more efficient ways of completing tasks.

You might take a while to learn a process fully, but once you holistically understand it, you become the Master of It with your in-depth knowledge.

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I'm Lovella

I help introvert entrepreneurs turn their personality type into a compelling brand to build a business driven by their unique, authentic identity and to attract clients that match their vibe.

I know why you’re here. You’re tired of “experimenting,” doing multiple “trial and error” with your brand.

You can’t seem to grasp the perfect message and voice that fits you. Heck, even the phrase “niche down” is giving you a nightmare and analysis paralysis.

I hear you. Improvement of self-awareness and self-esteem is not silly.

Confidence is the key, and you can only be confident if you are one with your true, authentic self – all rooted in your cognitive identity.


The journey to self-awareness is a process...

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04. Tips on crafting your unique brand message

this is your road for your authenticity to shine on your brand and business, and a dead-end to multiple rebranding!

05. Of course, it doesn't end here

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Loyal Defender

Introvert • Sensing • Feeling • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ holds a lot of meaning in belongings
• Parent - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ provides without asking anything in return
• Child - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ spends time analyzing own experiences
• Anima - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ easily gets overwhelmed with mutliple ideas


Ultimate Strength: Organization
Ultimate Weakness: Flexibility


The personality behind a Loyal Defender is reserved, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. They are confident and constant in their obligations, meticulous and exact. Loyal, considerate, remember specific data of people who are essential and take into account the feelings of others. They also strive to create orderly and harmonious environments.


Support, Loyal, Preparation, Predictability, Thoughtful, Engaged, Witty, Reliable, Responsible, Practical, Collaborative, Foresight, Conscientious, Meticulous, Obligations, Consideration, Harmony


Compassionate Provider

Extrovert • Sensing • Feeling • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ prioritizing the well-being of other people
• Parent - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ safety is always significant
• Child - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ ideas of multiple possibilities in a situation
• Anima - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ difficulty in reasoning of their own behavior


Ultimate Strength: Teamwork powered by harmony
Ultimate Weakness: Difficulty reasoning behavior of other people who breaks harmony


The personality behind the Compassionate Provider are people who are very focused on meeting the needs of others, especially if they are part of their immediate circle: family and friends. That is why they can lend their help and ensure that their close social circles remain stable and in good health. Moreover, they tend to avoid strong conflicts and show diplomacy when there are clashes of interests.


Compassionate, Affirming, Relational, Empathetic, Supportive, Generous, Hardworking, Anticipates Needs, Caring, Friendly, Kind


Theoretical Thinker

Introvert • Intuitive • Thinking • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ concise words spoken but full of depth
• Parent - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ needing to see the multiple layers of a certain thing, fully understanding it
• Child - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ gather significant details for their analysis
• Anima - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ requiring so much space and alone time


Ultimate Strength: Desire for improvement in reasoning and understanding
Ultimate Weakness: Dismissing harmony towards other people to resolve any situation


The personality behind the Theoretical Thinker is reserved but oriented to action and practical solutions to day to day problems. They are also defined by their tendency towards logical thinking and spontaneity, and autonomy. They like to explore environments and discover ways in which they can interact with them.


Knowledge, Observation, Synthesizing, Detached, Strategic, Prepared, Informative, Expertise, Logic, Practicality, Interaction


Divergent Debater

Extrovert • Intuitive • Feeling • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
→ can create the craziest yet genius ideas
• Parent - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ analyzing and understanding things in all possible angles
• Child - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ desire to know how other people would feel in things they do
• Anima - Introverted Sensing (Si)
→ difficulty to converge ideas into one and keeps expanding


Ultimate Strength: Considers all probabilities, possibilities, and interpretations to get best results without feeling overwhelmed
Ultimate Weakness: Starting new projects while there are 100x unfinished ones


The personality behind the Divergent Debater is fast, witty, stimulating, alert, and open. Creative in solving new and challenging problems, They can generate conceptual possibilities and then analyze them strategically. Good to understand others. They can be quickly bored by the routines, quickly change interests, and rarely do the same in the same way.


Opportunity, Confidence, Success, Hustle, Strategy, Rallying the Troops, High Energy, Resilient, Optimistic, Effective, High Creative, Analytic and Strategic Brainstorming, Wit

Why are these four in the same category?

Because all of these four types have a similar list of top four (4) cognitive functions, but stacked / ordered differently.

How will I know which is my personality type?

Depending on your cognitive preferences, each of these functions play a different and important role in the way you interact with the world.

This, you will know more about in our weekly newsletter, and discover more about these four functions and then eventually find out your personality type and how it’s going to help you leverage the power of in-depth self-awareness, manifesting it into an authentic and compelling brand that your target market cannot resist.

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Sources: CS Joseph, Psychologyjunkie, Indepth MBTI

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