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you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A prime believer of righteousness.

You are an

Advocate of Humanity!

Prioritizing betterment of people.

you are uniquely crafted by god as...

A prime believer of righteousness. You are an Advocate of Humanity! Prioritizing betterment of people.


You are a prime believer of righteousness building or finding righteousness among the people around you.

You believe that your purpose in life is to improve other human beings by building or teaching them strength and character.

Other than your belief in righteousness, you also believe in willpower and truth. There is no other way of being righteous than seeking the truth and building the characters of each humanity by enforcing truth and freedom of choice.

Not only do you, as a person, find this as a purpose in your life, but your business is also likely to align with this advocacy.

You advocate humanity and the betterment of each human being that you meet.

You have this huge sense of responsibility that you need to enforce. Therefore, your business is a great outlet for you to amplify this purpose.

You could be building a business that helps people directly or helps businesses that help people.

In your top four (4) cognitive preferences, your way of perceiving the world is through Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Sensing.

This could mean that when you plan for your future, you lock yourself into a certain target, vision, or goal and then trust that the path will happen by itself.

When you have a goal you want to accomplish, you visualize it and believe that it’s real – it’s already happening, and you are already in the process of going through it.

This idea can be very similar to the Law of Attraction. It is about visualizing, it is broad and intuitive, and it has control over the bird’s eye view of a large stretch of time.

Let’s say, in 10-20 years, this is where you’re going to be. The cause and effect of your actions and how one thing leads to another.

In terms of productivity, you see the present external or physical, sensory quality. The way you visualize is:

I want my physical world to be like /this/ (seeing your vision, future, and goal as if it’s already happening), and then they will do a productive action in the present to change their present into the vision that they are aiming.

Introverted intuition is also about kicking all the obstacles in the way. If you feel there is a resistance or blockage on your way to your goal or vision, you will bulldoze it off. This could mean you would get rid of the “shiny object syndrome” that could potentially distract you from the goal you are aiming for.

You see the bigger picture, and it is through you “knowing” whether a certain goal is reachable or not.

Oftentimes, when you create a vision, and you realize that your present does not match with what you aim to be, this could spike the level of frustration, but it could also become a source of motivation to constantly move forward into achieving your goal faster and maintain productivity.

Your thinking process is very subjective, and that could mean that you don’t exactly like being told solid instructions to figure out a certain thing. You always want to figure it out in your own way.

You might research a lot and then come into your own understanding a way that you have your own interpretation of the logical way to do a certain task, process, or learning.

A good example of this is when you’re learning Adobe Photoshop…

Photoshop has a series of steps or instructions to follow to achieve an output, such as adding strokes to a text or object.

Rather than blindly following instructions, you would most likely prefer to figure out how to do it yourself and then understand why each of these processes is relevant to achieving a certain output.

Blindly following instructions is frustrating to you and could even cause you to feel like an impostor. Despite achieving the output, you will never be fully satisfied unless you understand the entirety of it.

It might take a while for you to figure it out, but it’s basically learning from the ground up.

You are rather creative in creating a logical system from the ground up, and you want to choose a way to do it with a deeper understanding.

You would sometimes feel frustrated and have a hard time following steps without understanding why or how you come into having such an output; you always need more information, details, and answers to “what happens if I do this instead?”

You tend to be slow, but people your type are the pioneers and create a foundation of a logical framework that is created in this world – such as creations by Albert Einstein.

It is all about knowing and understanding how it works together and then finding the patterns.

Once you’ve figured out how holistically everything works, you can then figure out any future issues, and create better shortcuts or more efficient ways of completing tasks.

You might take a while to learn a process fully, but once you holistically understand it, you become the Master of It with your in-depth knowledge.

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I'm Lovella

I help introvert entrepreneurs turn their personality type into a compelling brand to build a business driven by their unique, authentic identity and to attract clients that match their vibe.

I know why you’re here. You’re tired of “experimenting,” doing multiple “trial and error” with your brand.

You can’t seem to grasp the perfect message and voice that fits you. Heck, even the phrase “niche down” is giving you a nightmare and analysis paralysis.

I hear you. Improvement of self-awareness and self-esteem is not silly.

Confidence is the key, and you can only be confident if you are one with your true, authentic self – all rooted in your cognitive identity.


The journey to self-awareness is a process...

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04. Tips on crafting your unique brand message

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05. Of course, it doesn't end here

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Visionary Counselor

Introvert • Intuitive • Feeling • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Intuition (Ni)
→ desires betterment of humanity & world through insights
• Parent - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ perceiving and harmonizing with people around them
• Child - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ quickly catching up on logical consistencies
• Anima - Extroverted Sensing (Se)
→ difficulty catching up on ordinary details & determining the best time to seize the opportunity

Ultimate Strength: Knowing, Perseverance
Ultimate Weakness: Easily gets overwhelmed


The personality behind a Visionary Counselor is sensitive, reserved, and moved by very defined ideals. They feel the need to make others benefit from these ideals, which makes them prone to reflection and action and can amount to so much work that they become overloaded by having too many responsibilities. Yet, they show a remarkable ability to successfully interpret the mental states of others and try to use this information to help them before the other person asks for it.


Originality, Authenticity, Empathy, Creativity, Deep, Emotionally Honest, Connected, Idealistic, Inspiring, Intuition, Compassionate, Strategic, Prepared, Informative, Expertise, Observation


Protagonist Mentor

Extrovert • Intuitive • Feeling • Judging


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ ability to make others feel comfortable with speaking as they're always listening
• Parent - Introverted Intuition (Ni)
→ visualizing ideas that can benefit the future
• Child - Extroverted Sensing (Se)
→ playful and adventurous spirit
• Anima - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ difficulty in situations where harmony is overpowered by reasoning


Ultimate Strength: Best at reciprocating the mood of the people surrounding them, Harmony
Ultimate Weakness: Dealing with own feelings in a logical manner


The personality behind the Protagonist Mentor is warm, empathetic, and responsible. They are highly in tune with the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. They find potential in others and seek to help them achieve it. It can act as a catalyst for the growth of an individual or a group. They are loyal and open to praise and criticism. Often considered as social, group facilitator, and inspirational leadership provider.


Compassionate, Affirming, Relational, Empathetic, Supportive, Generous, Hardworking, Anticipates Needs, Caring, Friendly, Kind


Crafter Analyst

Introvert • Sensing • Thinking • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ analysis thoroughly the actions they're about to make
• Parent - Extroverted Sensing (Se)
→ seizes opportunity by taking action to find out
• Child - Introverted Intuition (Ni)
→ inner gut feeling when things go wrong
• Anima - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ avoidance of crowd


Ultimate Strength: Doesn't beat around the bush, gets straight to the point
Ultimate Weakness: Desire to help people emotionally but don't know how to


The personality behind the Crafter Analyst seeks to develop logical explanations for everything that interests them. They are very theoretical and abstract, engaged more in ideas than in social interaction. They are reserved yet flexible and adaptable with an unusual ability to focus intensely to solve Problems in their field of interest. Skeptical, sometimes critical, and always analytical.


Knowledge, Observation, Synthesizing, Detached, Strategic, Prepared, Informative, Expertise, Logical, Theoretical, Abstract, Focus, Adaptability, Problem Solving, Analytical


Promoter Executer

Extrovert • Sensing • Thinking • Perceiving


Cognitive Functions:
• Hero - Extroverted Sensing (Se)
→ taking action in the moment to avoid future problems
• Parent - Introverted Thinking (Ti)
→ enjoys the process of sorting and analyzing
• Child - Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
→ you do to me what i do unto you
• Anima - Introverted Intuition (Ni)
→ often experience feeling stuck with an idea


Ultimate Strength: Seizing the opportunity when it come
Ultimate Weakness: Difficulty to consider waiting for the "right moment" because the right moment is always "now"


The personality behind the Promoter Executor is flexible and tolerant, and they have a pragmatic focus focused on immediate results. Theories and conceptual explanations bore them since they wanted to focus all their energy on solving the problem. They are spontaneous and enjoy every moment that can be put into activity in the company of others. They want the comforts and material style. The best way for them to learn is by doing things.


Lively, Artistic Visionary, Energetic, Possibility, Adventure, Capable, Positivity, Imaginative, Creativity, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Wonder, Flexibility, Execution

Why are these four in the same category?

Because all of these four types have a similar list of top four (4) cognitive functions, but stacked / ordered differently.

How will I know which is my personality type?

Depending on your cognitive preferences, each of these functions play a different and important role in the way you interact with the world.

This, you will know more about in our weekly newsletter, and discover more about these four functions and then eventually find out your personality type and how it’s going to help you leverage the power of in-depth self-awareness, manifesting it into an authentic and compelling brand that your target market cannot resist.

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Sources: CS Joseph, Psychologyjunkie, Indepth MBTI

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